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Stackable Rings Birthstone, Copper Thin Band, Hand forged Eco Recycled, Boho Birthday Gift, Nature Inspired $22.00

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Stackable Rings Birthstone, Copper Thin Band, Hand forged Eco Recycled, Boho Birthday Gift, Nature Inspired

Made with 100% reclaimed copper, these birthstone stacking rings make a great eco gift to yourself or to another. They look awesome worn in multiple sets. These rings are left unpolished, which gives them a natural, rustic and organic appearance. The ring(s) you will receive will vary in copper tones from light to dark rose. I would be happy to polish them if you desire that finish.

The greenish/blackish discoloration of your skin under the ring is from the copper reacting to the pH of your sweat/skin and is normal for wearing copper rings. This discoloration will change shades from light to dark and vary overtime as you shed skin cells under the ring. The color can change with activity, diet and climate. Copper is antimicrobial and antifungal, so it is a great choice for having on your finger.

This listing is for one birthstone ring. Compliment your birthstone copper ring by adding one or two of these copper stacking rings to your order:

If you don't see a stone/color you are looking for in the drop down menu above, please contact me to create a custom listing for you with a stone of your choice. I am adding more stones to my collection regularly.

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Upon check out, in the Note to Seller section, please let me know the style you would like for each ring (example: hammered or smooth). If you would like your ring(s) polished, indicate that in the Note to Seller section as well. Thank you! :-)

Please select your size above. The band is approximately 2mm wide.

I'll get started right away on making your custom rings, but please allow me up to 10 business days for each order. Thank you!

Your eco stacking copper ring(s) will arrive in a handmade drawstring cotton gift bag. Each gift bag is hand stamped and made with love. Perfect for gift giving! Let me know if you are sending your order directly to someone as a gift and if you want a personal note included in the package.


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